About Me

I'm Reg Local and I'm a huge motoring enthusiast.

I love anything to do with cars, driving, motorcycling and motorsport.

I was a police officer for many years, during which time I worked as a traffic officer and eventually as an advanced police driving instructor.

I've now decided to pass on the knowledge and experience I gained in my police career. I've published two books, both of which have quickly become number 1 bestsellers on the Amazon Kindle charts.

My first book "Advanced & Performance Driving" examines the skills required to become a better, smoother and safer road driver. It's aimed at enthusiastic drivers who want to get the most from their car on the road whilst keeping risks to a minimum.

My second book, "How Not to Crash" examines all the major causes of road accidents in the UK and gives straightforward advice on how to avoid making those mistakes, and how to avoid other drivers' accidents.

I have also recently started a YouTube channel, in which I give demonstrations of the skills and techniques involved in becoming a better skilled and higher performance road driver or motorcyclist.

I offer a coaching service to anyone who wants to improve their driving - from recently qualified drivers, through those who are studying to pass an advanced driving course, those who are already advanced drivers and looking for something more, and those who driveĀ  high performance cars and are looking to get the best from themselves and their car.


Contact me for further details.

I'm also available to give presentations on a wide range of motoring-related subjects to IAM groups, RoSPA groups, motor clubs and other similar organisations.

Have a look around my site and feel free to get in touch!

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