First few days of the website

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I’ve never had a website before and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the interest it’s generated in such a short time.

I’ve had a few messages complimenting me on the site and my videos and a degree of interest from viewers and readers around the world.

When I started out by publishing my first book – Advanced & Performance Driving – I had no preconceptions that it would be successful. I published the book mostly for my own satisfaction – so that I could drop the fact that I was a “published author” into the odd conversation. I would have been happy if I had sold one single copy to someone who wasn’t a friend or close relative!

After a couple of months, it sat squarely at the top of the bestseller list for it’s category in the Amazon Kindle store. I was outselling James May, the Old Stig and even Jeremy Clarkson! This was beyond my wildest dreams, but it also demonstrated that there was a real market for books and other material that appealed to driving enthusiasts who wanted to get the very best from their cars, whilst staying safe.


2 thoughts on “First few days of the website

  1. Hey Reg

    Pistonheads brought me here and as someone who passed his IAM, it’s all coming back to me from your commentary, but I’m enjoying keeping my knowledge refreshed and learning a few new mnemonics in the process [three V’s!].
    My son is learning to drive this year and I look forward to him learning these techniques to keep him safe on the road.
    Awesome site, excellent videos and great tuition.

    I wish you and the website all the success you desire.

    1. Hi Ben,

      Thanks very much for your message – glad you’re benefitting from my stuff. It’s very nice to receive positive feedback & your comments are much appreciated.

      All the best,


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